In this work, the how is just as important as the why. We take up the work of dismantling harmful, dysfunctional systems through leading workshops on examining one’s privilege and practicing antiracism for white and non-Black people of color. Through ReTHINK Allyship, participants in our workshops will develop an active language to talk about racism, privilege, oppression and power. Building on this foundational knowledge, we lead participants through a process of uncovering and grappling with their own relationship to these often broad concepts, towards actively practicing antiracism in their own spheres of influence.

ReTHINK It also aims to create systems of support for all who are directly or indirectly connected to our community. We do so through offering ReTHINK Justice and ReTHINK Schooling. Partnering with local schools and other community-based agencies, these programs provide case-management and personal development as participants complete indivudalized plans that focus on mental and physical wellness, K-12 Educational and Academic Support, College application workshops, Career Development, Mutual Aid and Direct Assistance, Conscious Parenting Educational Courses, Addressing Toxic Masculinity Workshops, Marriage and Family Therapy, Financial Planning services, Workshops on Navigating Student Loan Debt and Cancellation and more.

See below for specifics within each area of community support and services:

ReTHINK Allyship

ReTHINK Allyship is a consultancy program geared toward companies and businesses committed to anti-racism and equitable organizational practices. The program equips staff, particularly white and non-Black people of color, with the skills to identify and dismantle discriminatory practices within and outside of the workplace. ReTHINK Allyship achieves this goal through workshops examining and addressing racism, privilege, oppression, and power. Participants first develop linguistic tools to actively discuss these issues with the support of program staff. We then challenge participants to examine their own relationships to these concepts. Finally, participants use these new skills and knowledge to practice antiracism in the workshop environment and beyond.

ReTHINK Justice

ReTHINK Justice aims to reduce recidivism by connecting formerly incarcerated individuals with legal, educational, and career support services. The program offers hands-on job training, mentorship, criminal record expungement, and long-term case management. At intake, each program participant develops an Individual Achievement Plan with staff support. Participants are in control of the length and content of their plans, restoring agency to disenfranchised community members. ReTHINK Justice supports the most vulnerable formerly incarcerated people by targeting low-income Black and Brown youth, individuals with marginalized genders, queer folks, and survivors of abuse.

ReTHINK Schooling

ReTHINK Schooling recognizes that learning and living are not separate processes. This program is designed to promote academic and social agency in K-12 students from marginalized backgrounds. Youth participants work alongside mentors to develop Individual Achievement Plans focused on the areas of growth most important to students and their families. Students and their mentors co-assess progress, empowering youth to shift their behavior and mindsets to reach their goals. ReTHINK Schooling is offered as an afterschool program and as a community-based program.

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